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This shopping master will enhance your success by improving your look according to current fashion trends while saving you time. Master your outlook by taking advantage of professional advice from a buyer.
We propose three main formulas for men.

They can be selected individually or in combination.

1) Analysis of the wardrobe :

  •  Trip to your home;
  •  Sorting clothing, seasonal adjustment;
  •  Purge your closet;
  •  Fashion advice.

2) Shopping between us :

You benefit from a fresh look at your outlook, sound advices and serenity to make choices.

  •  Shop along with your stylist choosing with a selection of time block of 2 h, 3 h, 4 h and 5 h;
  •  The session can be done in the shopping center or independent shops;
  •  Creating a look according to your needs, budget and morphology.

3 Home Shopping :

You do not have time to shop or you are allergic to shopping.
You want a service and comfort that is why you select the stylist to dress you carefully. According to her mandate, the personal shopper is responsible for making purchases for you.
By having a good understanding of your needs and expectations, the stylist develops with creativity several custom looks which she will deliver at your at convenience.

  • Meeting prior or telephone contact;
  • Stylist buys outfits specially designed for you;
  • Meeting in your home for fittings;
  • You just choose what suits you.

The advantages :

  • Saves time;
  • Efficiency;
  • Discovery of new brand;
  • Development of modern looks.


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